About Us

Who We Are

The Delaware School Nurse Association (DSNA) is a unified affiliate organization of the National Association of School Nurses (NASN), dedicated to promoting the practice of professional school nursing. 

In 1968, Delaware’s School Nurse Advisory Committee held its first meeting and DSNA began.

DSNA now serves as the professional organization for all Delaware school nurses with more than 200 current members and growing.  Join us!

Vision Statement

Exceptional school nurses, supportive communities, and healthy students who are ready to learn

Mission Statement

Empowering school nurses through advocacy, community, and leadership

Core Values

Advocacy – We commit to being action-oriented and empowering in the ways we support school nurses and their care of students.

Community – We partner in ways that are transparent, inviting, innovative, and supportive of diversity.

Leadership – We strive to uphold high ethics, integrity, quality, professionalism, and school nursing standards.